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Made up power panel holding all main components are available. DC turbine produces up to 60 amps at 24 volts Solar modules from Kyocera, Evergreen, Sharp, BP, Unisolar and more available. Outback MPPT charge controller for use on solar electric systems.

Equipment for Solar and Micro Hydro systems:

Here is a selection of commonly used equipment in Micro Hydro and Solar Power systems. Please call or email for current price. Detailed specifications on performance are available if you care to ask. We do not stock any no-name brand or department store type of products. All equipment shown here is of the highest standard and has stood the test of time.

Please call or e-mail us for current pricing and availability. e-mail: offgrid@homepower.ca

ES&D 'Easy Tune' Hydro Turbine:
Energy Systems and Design 'Easy Tune Stream Engine'
This is the latest development in ultra high efficiency water power equipment from this innovative design company. The Easy Tune puts out significantly more power and at a lower speed than the Stream Engine. Up to 60 amps is standard, given sufficient head and flow. Up to four nozzles, but two are standard permit a wide range of flow to be used.
The key feature is that the unit can be 'tuned' or adjusted while it is in full operation by means of aligning the stator coils for maximum output.
ES&D EasyTune

ES&D Water Buddy Hydro Turbine:
Energy Systems and Design 'Water Buddy Turbne'
Up to 100 watts from a short length of hose ....
Part toy, part equipment, this small turbine weighs only 8 pounds and can be set up in minutes.

ES&D Water Buddy, the smallest water turbine we offer.

ES&D Water Buddy Turbine:Base:
Bottom view of the Water Buddy, showing turbine runner and spare nozzles.

ES&D Water Buddy, micro hydro water power turbine generator.

ES&D Hydro Turbine:
Energy Systems and Design 'Stream Engine'
These are the very popular hydro turbines which run on heads from 20 feet up to 400 feet. Output is either 12, 24, or 48 volts DC for battery charging. Available in 30 or 60 amp outputs, (48 volt max 30 amps) Quiet operation, self contained and dependable. Comes with 4 interchangeable nozzles, with two mounting holes in turbine.
For use as stand alone power generation at cabins, remote off grid homes, camps etc.

ES&D Stream Engine, micro hydro water power turbine generator.

ES&D Hydro Turbine:
Energy Systems and Design 'Stream Engine'
Bottom view of the 'Stream Engine' water turbine generator.
Because the Stream Engine uses a Turgo Turbine runner, it can accommodate a much greater water flow than an equivalent sized pelton turbine, such as the Harris. In situations where water volume is available, and at low heads, the stream engine will be a better choice. For high head sites with limited flow, consider using the Harris Turbine.

ES&D Stream Engine, micro hydro water power turbine generator.

ES&D Hydro Turbine:
Energy Systems and Design 'LH 1000' propellor turbine

For heads up to 10 feet with a large flow volume. These turbines use the same permanent magnet generator as the Stream Engines. A plastic 'draught tube' or suctin discharge pipe connects to the bottom of the turbine, on the left, and drops down to below water level thus keeping air out of the suction head.

ES&D LH1000, low head, high flow, micro hydro water power turbine generator.

Harris Hydro Turbine:

This Harris generators also use a permanent magnet generator. Shown here is a unit with an automotive alternator installed. These are no longer available as the efficiency with the permanent magnet generator is much better.
For use as stand alone power generation at cabins, remote off grid homes, camps etc.

The Harris pelton turbine

Harris Hydro Turbines:
Bottom view of the Harris Turbine, showing the four inch diameter Pelton runner. Up to four nozzles can be used at the same time. For very low flows and high heads this is a good choice.

Use as you would an ES&D turbine, for stand alone power generation at cabins, remote off grid homes, camps etc.

Induction Turbine Generator:

This is a special kind of generator. It uses a high voltage induction motor as the generator. This permits long distance transmission of the electrical energy. Distances of up to thousands of feet are possible, and voltages up to 240 volts, three phase. A special controller is required together with transformers. The power is then stepped down to battery voltage, and then handled the same way as with a Harris or ES&D unit.

Kyocera Modules:
High effiency multicrystal modules available in sizes from 10 to 130 watts:
KC 130:
KC 80:
KC 70:
KC 60:
Other sizes available, call for quote.

Sharp Modules:

123 watt module shown here.
For direct grid tie applications, the current trend is to use the Enphase DC to AC inverters on each module. Grid tie with no batteries and no single large inverter is now possible.

Sharp 123 watt module

Other Modules:
Shell / Siemens modules, 75 watt shown here.
Also available are Evergreen, Unisolar, BP and others as available up to 230 watts, and increasing in capacity.

Feel free to call with your request.
Peter with panel in snow

Other smaller modules:
High effiency multicrystal modules available in sizes from 10 to 30 watts.
Shown here is a British Petrolium 20 watt module. Suitable for SCADA telemetry systems or other applications where the power demand is low.
Ideal for maintaining a single car battery or for a demonstration setup.

BP 20 Watt module

Morningstar is a leader in advanced PWM solar charge controls.
Shown here is a Morningstar ProStar PWM controller with meter.
Rated for 30 Amp 12 volt, but you should not exceed 25 amps in actual use.

ProStar PWM controller with meter

The C-60 and C-40 are PWM charge controlers for solar or micro hydro applications. I have used lots of these units and all are still working well. They can be set as diversion controllers for micro hydro use, or as load controllers, to shut of loads if the battery gets too low.

C-60, good for up to 48 amps, 12, 24 volts: -------- 225.00
C-40, good for up to 30 amps: 12, 24, 48 volt:-------- 195.00

Sine Wave models. The SW series is regretabely being phased out. They are rated up to 4000 watts and produce excellent power.
The XW series is for grid intertie and has similar speecs as the SW series.
SW 4024, SW 2524
XW 4024,
SW series inverter

DR series of modified sine (square) wave inverters. These have been around for ages and are extremely rugged and reliable. They are still available, but the pure sine wave inverters are now the norm, costing less than the modified sine wave units did in the 1900's. The DR series are replaced by the newer TR series.
DR 1512    DR 1524
DR 2412    DR 2412
DR 3624
DR series modified square wave inverter

Outback Power Systems:
Outback inverters are sine wave types. They are the latest generation in inverters and are built by some of the same people that were once Trace Engineering.
VFX inverters are not sealed and are also ventilated with a fan. They are typically used in homes and indoor areas.
FX inverters have a fan to force air over cooling fins and are totally sealed units. They are designed for humid areas.
Outback Power Systems

Prosine / Xantrex

Pure sine wave inverters in sizes up to 3000 watts.
We do not deal with the cheep department store type inverters.
Prosine Inverter

Fuses and breakers:
Class R fuses, DC rated with holders. In the 20 dollar range with holder.
20 Amp,  :  30 Amp  :  40 Amp,  :  50 Amp  : 60 Amp

Class 'T' main battery fuses in the 25 to 40 dollar range.
150 Amp  :  200 Amp  :  250 Amp  :  300 Amp
Call for pricing
Assorted fuses.

Main safety disconnect DC breaker:

This is a DC safety breaker in a large enclosure. Use it to feed the inverter from the battery bank. The enclosure is large enough to house the meter shunt, additional fuses and has knockouts specifically for DC breakers from 20 to 60 amps to additional inputs and outputs. This breaker adds a degree of safety to any hydro or solar system and is is strongly advised to be included in all systems.

DC 250 disconnect.


Trimetric 2020 Multi function meter with LED display.
Comes with suitable shunt which goes on main battery negative cable.
Price with shunt $ 240
Multi function meter with LED display.

Typical size for average system is 245 amp hour, 6 volt
Sizes up to 1000 amp hour available. Best to discuss application before deciding on battery bank.
Call for quote as lead prices keep changing.
Solar powered telephone service on the Hopi Mesas of Arizona

Coanda Screens:

The best water screen for any intake system. Use for domestic water or hydro or irrigation. this simple stainless steel screen will elliminate debris from entering the pipeline and the screen is virtually self cleaning requiring little or no cleaning for months at a time. I have installed a number of these all with fantastic results. Expensive, but worth every dollar.

Electronic load control governor:

This is the famous mini governor made by THES and for use on hydro turbines to 10 kW in capacity. Incrediably reliable and accurate, this will maintain the RPM and frequency of a hydro power system to within seconds a day. Larger units available, as well as load managers, which effectively enable one to connect more load to a generator than its capacity.

Fused Disconnects:

Used on AC sustems as a main disconnect between the generator and the load center. Available in sizes up to 100 amps at 120 / 240 volts. these should be followed with a load center consisting of breakers from 15 to 30 amps.

Diversion Loads:

This is an air diversion load suitable for micro hydro, wind or wind applications. Unit has four large reisitors inside, configurable as a 4, 1, or 0.5 ohm load. It is used in conjunction with the C 60 or C 40 load controller shown above, or the Tristar diversion controller. Used for 12, 24 or 48 volts. Available in 40 or 60 amp models, but it is best to limit the current to no more than 60 % of the rated capacity.

Water heater element:
This is a water element diversion load suitable for micro hydro, solar or wind applications. It has a one inch pipe thread the same as a regular 240 volt screw in water tank element. It is used in conjunction with the C series load controllers shown above, or the Tristar diversion controller. Use it for 12, 24 or 48 volts systems. Current draw will depend on system voltage. The dual element can be set in series or parallel or used individually. Available in 1.2 or 2.4 ohm models.

Power Panels:

This is a fully made up power panel.

Fully assembled and ready to go power panel.

Power Panels:

This is a fully made up power panel using an outback FX3524 inverter, Midnight E-panel, Surrett S600 batteries, C 60 charge controller, and an outback FX 60 solar charge controller (for future use). A 30 amp AC distribution breaker panel is ready to connect to.

Fully assembled and ready to go power panel.

Power Panels:

Custom power panel showing most of the hook up equipment.

Fully assembled and ready to go power panel.

Please call or e-mail us for current pricing and availability.

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