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Electricity from the Sun, Wind and Water.

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Clamp on DC meter reading 29 amps at 28 volts, for 812 watts of clean micro hydro energy.. Modified square wave output from a DR3624 inverter - hardly modified sine wave! High pressure leak in turbine pipes Testing to see if there is power - a joke at a mountain cabin as there is no power there.

How to contact Homepower.

Homepower is located near Vancouver BC and serves much of the lower mainland from Lilloette to Port Hardy and Pemberton. More distant locations are welcome to call, but we may not be able to come to your site.
Sorry, no USA business. This has been a passion of mine for over 30 years since the early days of car alternators and the first inverters.

By phone   604-465-0927
By e-mail   offgrid@homepower.ca

Site Forms
It is a big help if you can supply as much information about your site as possible. Here are three links to a form you can fill in and return. It is available as a word document, or a pdf or a text document.

Hydro site data form.doc is a word document.
Hydro site data form.pdf is a pdf version you can print.
Hydro site data form.txt is a text file.

Fill in as much as you can and attach it to an e-mail and send it back to offgrid@homepower.ca

If your project requires any Environmental Consulting, this is available from: Swift Creek Consulting